Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club

Latviešu mednieku un makšķernieku klubs

Latviešu valodā


The Latvian Anglers and Hunters Club is a private club that only accepts members of Latvian descent. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact the President at or one of the other directors to discuss your qualifications.

LAHC Membership

Membership fee for all members for 2021 is $160.00 which is due by February 15th, 2021. First time members must pay an initiation fee of $50.00 in addition to the membership fee. The membership fee for 2022 has been not been established yet.

Payments received after a due date are subject to a $30.00 late payment fee.

CSSA Membership

All shooting members of the Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club who wish to discharge /use any firearm at our Club's premises, Berzaine", must also be a member of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). This organization not only represents the rights of shooters throughout Canada but also provides liability insurance for the individual member as well as the Club as a whole. This is now mandatory, even if you only shoot once a year.

If a member of our Club currently holds a "Single" CSSA membership and wishes to have their spouse or child(ren) join in actual shooting, the member must alter his CSSA membership to "Family"...even if it is a rare occasion a family member may join them at the Club.

Those members of our Club who do not shoot, but support the Club via their membershnip fee do not require the CSSA coverage.

The fees for 2021 are unchanged, and are as follows:

Membership Type 1 year 2 years
General $45.00  $85.00
Family $80.00 $155.00
Junior $27.00  $49.00


The fees for 2021 are not known at this time.

Junior Membership: Members who have not reached thier 18th birthday.

Family Membership: Member + spouse + children under the age of 21 living at home and in full attendance at school.

Note: All members who already have an active CSSA membership that will expire any time during the coming membership year must also renew their CSSA membership at the time they submit their Club membership fees for that year.

Paying Fees & Dues

Club annual membership fees and CSSA dues must be mailed to the Club Treasurer, Elizabeth Marsons. Please make cheques payable to "Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club". If mailing, send to:

Elizabeth Marsons
17690 Horseshoe Hill Rd.
Caledon, ON  L7K 2B1

Authorization to Transport (ATT)

All Club members, who had an ATT issued to them through the Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club, were advised on September 10, 2015 of the following:

"As of September 2, 2015, the Club will no longer be required to issue an ATT for you as it will now be/become part of your PAL".

Important Information!

Please be advised that all dues must be paid by February 15th. All those paying after that date will be subject to a $30.00 penalty. Note that all members must also pay us their CSSA dues before January 31st, irrespective of your anniversary date during the calendar year.

Board of Directors

Directors of the Club:

President Dainis A. Marsons  
Vice President Rob Wheeler  
Secretary Shannon Wheeler  
Treasurer Elizabete (Liz) Marsons  
Shooting Director Ed Brencis  
Range Officer Dainis Stanga  

Each year a new Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting based on the members' votes.

Club Charter

If you want to know more about the club's rules and regulations, you can have a look at the Club Charter available in Word document or Adobe Acrobat formats.