Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club
Latviešu valodā


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In 1954 after hunting for hares

1952 - Members Come Together

Since 1952, the Latvian Anglers and Hunters Club has pledged to respect the laws that preserve Canadian nature and wildlife, and to enjoy the friendship and comradery of fellow Latvians in all activities in and outside the club.

Club members have agreed to consider April 6th, 1952, the day the club was founded. However, the Latvian Hunting and Fishing Club was officially recorded as established on July 12th, 1953, at 40 College Street in Toronto at the Central YMCA by 33 hunters and anglers: Jūlijs Atkauķis, Jānis Atmats, Pēteris Bārdiņš, Osvalds Bērziņš, Eduarts Brencis, Pēteris Brencis, Georgs Brīviņš, Aloizs Budze, Jānis Bušmanis, Aleks Dizenbachs, Dr. Pēteris Bārdiņš, Club President from 1953 to 1974, and Honourary Director until his death on March 18th, 1977 Rudolfs Ermansons, Ernests Helds, Edvīns Kanarīns, Teodors Ķenģis, Alfreds Kļaviņš, Marjans Kozlovskis, Arnolds Kvēps, Eduarts Osītis, Ludvigs Ozoliņš, Kārlis Postreiters, Mintauts Rengarts, Alberts Salnājs, Kārlis Sevilis, Jānis Skrastiņš, Ernests Skuja, Donāts Šmāns, Aleksandrs Šmāns, Harijs Stefānijs, Jānis Treijs, Fricis Valdmanis, Evalds Zirnītis, Kārlis Zirnītis and Jānis Zvaigznīte. The club was officially registered with the Ontario provincial government on April 14th, 1955.

The club's first elected Board of Directors was P. Bardins (President), E. Brencis (Vice-President), J. Treijs (Secretary), A. Salnajs (Treasurer) and O. Berzins (Range Officer).

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