Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club
Latviešu valodā


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The 1950's - The Foundation Is Set

Members building a well around 1960

Membership fees for 1953 were set at $3.00 a year with an initiation fee of $1.00. Activities such as shoots were held at the Runģis family farm with an average of 15 members in attendance. By the 1956 Annual General Meeting, the club reported an income of $610.00 from the previous year, with $50.00 collected in initiation fees alone.

Trout fishing in the pool

After considering the purchase of Crown Land on Gould or Crystal Lakes and seven trips to view different plots, in 1957 the club finally acquired its own property by buying a 36-acre plot of land three miles to the east of Sharon.

The next year the property was named "Berzaine" and a G. Korulis project for the main building and well was approved. The original club house was built for $2,978.

By 1958 the number of members was up to 96 while membership fees had been increased to $5.00 per year with a matching initiation fee of $5.00.

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